TikTok Made Me Whip It

TikTok Made Me Whip It

Ok I’m here to spill the curds (sorry, had to) on the viral food trend that is whipped cottage cheese.  I didn’t know 2023 would be the year of cottage cheese, but I am very much here for it.

Now, I know I may be fashionably late to the party, but trust me when I say better late than never on this one.  You gotta get in on this.  First of all, I love sneaky protein, for myself and for my kids.  For obvious reasons and also because we are just choc-o-block with ADHD folks around here and even though we know protein makes our neuro-spicy brains work better, we love us some simple carbs and sugar.  And also because it really is surprisingly freaking delicious.  I almost think this stuff kind of works like heavy cream in recipes.  I know that’s bold, but stay with me here.

From Curds to Clouds: This Ish is Magic

It really is just as easy as it sounds.  Dump your cottage cheese into a blender (I like my Vitamix for this kind of stuff, but an immersion blender or a Ninja or something is also just fine) and  whip it.  Whip it real good. Blend the crap out of it until it kind of looks like thick yogurt and there aren’t any visible curds.

One of my cottage cheese mentors (and by mentor I mean random person on TikTok) advised that you should go ahead and blend the entire container, no matter how much WCC (whipped cottage cheese DUH) you need because a) it’ll be done  the next time you need it and b) it’s way easier to blend a lot of cottage cheese than a little bit.  Also, some one told me* (*everyone on the internet) that whole milk cottage cheese works best.  And while based on my limited experience, I definitely think there’s truth to that – I also found that low-fat was fine.  I personally love Good Culture cottage cheese so that’s what I used.  Not to brag, but I’ve been into cottage cheese for a long time thanks to Julie Taube – my nutritionist at Nutrition Ventures.  So basically we are influencers now.  (PS Good Culture doesn’t sponsor either of us, and I can’t speak for Julie, but I would very much be into a partnership and can be paid with US Dollars OR in cottage cheese.)

Get On With It Already

Ok, ok.  Greg said my posts have to be longer, so I am thinking of new and interesting things to tell you about cottage cheese and that’s just not as easy as it sounds, people.

Since I am now an influencer I can officially say “a lot of you guys asked me for a recipe...”  But you guys, a lot of you actually did.  It’s one of those things where I feel weird calling it a recipe. But here are the three I tried:

1. Strawberry Graham Cracker Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

  • 16oz Cottage cheese
  • 1C strawberries, chopped, divided
  • 1/4ish cup honey or agave or maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
  • Graham crackers (I used a packet of Teddy Grahams because I saw it in my pantry first.)

Directions: Blend cottage cheese, 1/2c strawberries, and sweetener for like, forever.  Till smooth with no discernable curds, if possible.  Pour into freezer-safe container and top with graham crackers and remaining strawberries (yes, before you freeze it).  Freeze for approximately 2-ish hours.  If it’s in there longer, let it sit out a little while, like 15- 20 minutes before serving so it’s not icy.

2. Nutella Cottage Cheese Ice Cream 

  • 16oz Cottage cheese
  • 1/3C Nutella

Note: I used the low fat cottage cheese in this one and I think the fat content in the Nutella balanced it out. I feel like whole milk cottage cheese might be too rich in this situation.

Directions:  Blend cottage cheese and Nutella for a long ass time.  Till smooth and no discernable curds.   I liked this one – it was like a cold mousse.  I think I would have liked a little whipped cream and fresh raspberries on the top.

3. Whipped Cottage Cheese Pasta Sauce 

  • 1/2 cup whipped cottage cheese
  • 1 container Rao’s marinara sauce (or whatever you prefer, I like Rao’s because it’s delish and there’s a good deal for a 2 pack at my Club.  My Club is Costco.  
  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled
  • shredded Parmesano Reggiano (IDK like, 1/4 cup?  I also get my parm in a big block at the Club and grate it myself.  I’m not a pre-grated cheese person.  That’s a rant for another day, tho.)
  • 2 tbsp butter (optional)
  • a little pasta water

Directions: Pre-whip your cottage cheese and bring to room temp if you can.  Blend it with the Rao’s and the garlic cloves, heat in pot.  Throw in a couple pats of butter, salt and pepper to taste, and like, 1/2 cup pasta water.

This was probably my favorite.  It goes straight lasagna in a second.  I did simply put this sauce on pasta with some more grated parm on top (and used Palmini noodles for the adults I love those things) Sneaky protein AND sneaky veggies.  Admittedly, the protein was a little sneakier in this situation.  Next time I might throw some ground beef or turkey in the sauce.

The Whipped Cottage Cheese Revolution

I am very into this idea, and am already looking at other applications of whipped cottage cheese.  I might try on my toast tomorrow morning with berries or EBTB?  Use it as a base for ranch dip? Incorporate into my smoothies?  I’m psyched about this.

Last thing.  If you’re looking for a community to join, the whipped cottage cheese people are VERY active.  I am extremely interested in becoming a card carrying member of this club, so watch out for more cottage cheese content moving forward.

So if you see me around the neighborhood pool this summer looking like a straight up model – its for sure because of the cottage cheese.  You’ve been warned.

xo, LC



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