Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Just when I thought I had recovered from the holiday madness, it’s time to do it all over again. VALENTINE’S DAY, PEOPLE. It’s time to make a little magic for the people you love, and while you’re at it?  Make some magic for yourself.

Let’s get to it, Cupid.

Would Always Pretty Busy like to help you with your Valentine’s day gifting? You can bet your cute little conversation hearts I do.  I’ve rounded up some things from my shop that are available, as well as some other ideas to spark some creativity.  As always, if you think of something you’d like that we can execute together, HMU.   I love all of your ideas.

You’re busy, I get it.  If you want to skip ahead here ya go:

OK, first things first!  In deference to our sage, Miley Cyrus, consider being your own Valentine because after all, You can buy yourself flowers!  Better yet, you can buy yourself flowers that last 1year+.  You may remember I scored an arrangement from The Million Roses during a at Favorite Things last year,  and I still enjoy them so much.  When it comes to “forever roses,” there are so many choices.  A friend just sent me this one today that is new to me that looks gorgeous!  Almost all of these guys are having a 20% off (or more) Valentines Day sale, so you know. Get you some.

If you aren’t feeling flowers, but still feeling yourself, may I suggest gifting yourself a few of these items?

Gifts for You!

Stuff you can get from Always Pretty Busy:

Custom embroidered collar sweatshirt – Whatever you want – on the collar of your sweatshirt.  This has been SUCH a fun addition to my shop – my nod to Ironic Boat and Tote. I love to see what people want – I’ve had comments ranging from “Chief Chaos Officer” to “Favorite Child” to “It’s Fine, I’m Fine” and beyond.  That’s my “absolutely not” sweatshirt featured.

Resin Coasters – another fun custom item.  We can do them with glitter or sprinkle pills (my fav), sprinkles, gold flecks, glitter or some combination of any and all of these things.  I’m toying with making one that says “Xanax is my Valentine” but let me know in the comments if you think of something cuter.

Other absolutely necessary stuff:

Revision Brightening Facial Wash – always and forever my favorite cleanser.  I also like the Papaya Enzyme cleanser.  You all probably already use this, so why not think of your restock as a gift to yourself?  That feels way more fun.

On Cloud 5 in Rose/Shell – I love me some Ons, the Cloud 5 is my favorite style and these are freakin’ pink. Say less!  I linked you to Gus Mayer Shoes in Birmingham, AL which is, in my opinion, the best shoe store in all the land.  If you’re not following them on Instagram and TikTok, you’re truly missing out.  In not at all related news (lol): Gus Mayer Shoes is owned and run by my dad and he and my super cute sister do all the buying so you will always have the best picks of brands you know, and will be exposed to brands you never knew you needed in your life.   That’s the best benefit of shopping small!

P448 Thea Sneaker- Also a Gus pick.  These are new this season, but I have last years’ version and I’m still absolutely in love with them,  I get comments wherever I go, they go with absolutely everything, and you know.  Pink.

Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra pendant necklace.  You are also ABSOLUTELY WELCOME to get me one while you’re buying for yourself.  Related: I wonder if a blog post is an excellent place to drop hints to your husband?

NARS the Multiples – I now have one of these guys in my bathroom, my car and my handbag – it’s a PERFECT pick me up.  I just swipe it on my cheeks and dab it on my eyelids if I’ve been running around all day and my makeup has all melted off.  Or maybe I forgot to put on make up altogether, and this is a really quick fix.  Talk about minimum effort for maximum impact.

Drunk Elephant “Sunshine” Bronzing Drops – I know this viral TikTok product is totally out of stock everywhere, so don’t @me.  You can sign up on to get notified when they’re back in stock.  In the meantime, you can spend like, an entire Benjamin to get one on eBay, OR – give this Perricone MD liquid bronzer a shot.  I think it’s a pretty good dupe.  I have heard this one is good too, but it looks really shimmery to me and I haven’t tried it.  LMK if you do.

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum– I’m just going to say it.  I think the whole line worth the hype.  Plus, the packaging is so cute.

Cute AirPod holder with charm thing-y.  I’m literally always looking for my AirPods even though they have a case.  Maybe I’ll try this one with the loop thing.  If you have tricks for this, I am all ears.

Pink Silicone Kitchen Tool Set – You can never have too many kitchen tools, IMO and I wish everything were silicone.  And these are cute and inexpensive and have great reviews.

Next up – your mini-mes, your little besties, the girls in your life.

Gifts for girls

I don’t really know what a wheelhouse is, but I suspect this is mine.

Stuff from Always Pretty Busy:

Custom Collar Sweatshirt – the littles love their names, what can I say?  I’ve also done a ton of these with camp names and cute things like xoxo and even personal catchphrases.

Custom Resin Coasters – I can leave the pills out and add some sprinkles and candy in!  It’s adorable.  The ones featured above say “Sweet” and “Sugar Sugar” and live on my daughter’s nightstands.

Custom embroidered denim jackets – to say these have been my biggest hit of all time would be an understatement – I’ve shipped hundreds of these around the country through my Etsy store, and countless jackets in my hometown of Atlanta.

Custom baby outfit – Cold shoulder shirts in infant sizes and long or short sleeves and personalized leggings.  How cute for Valentine’s day pics??

Personalized anything – you can send me (or bring me) anything you’d like and I’ll give it a personalized touch.  As we say here in the south, if it’s not moving, monogram it.

Other fun stuff:

Ruby Bond “juicy” candy board  – Ruby Bond by Elizabeth Schmidt is the (rose) gold standard of candy boards!  They’re all gorgeous and this one is perfect for Valentine’s and on presale now!

Kendra Scott necklace(s) – Don’t call it a comeback – I will be honest, I haven’t thought about Kendra Scott much since this summer when I was thinking about her a LOT during Alabama #RushTok since she so frequently made her way into the OOTDs.  For Parker’s birthday, though, I got her a sweet little rainbow heart necklace from KS, which she wears daily, and since then – I have been seeing them on teens and tweens all over the place, especially layered together.  It is definitely the most money I have ever spent on a gift for a 6 year old – but it’s also the only piece of jewelry she’s been able to hang on to for more than 4 weeks.  I’ll keep you updated.

Magic Mixies – original recipe or whatever this one is.  They’re basically the Tickle Me Elmo of our kids’ generation.  I don’t totally understand the appeal, but they love ’em.

Lego Heart Bear – My daughter is Lego obsessed and will absolutely love this one – I ordered it today.

Pink soccer ball – if we learned anything at all from the great and wise Fancy Nancy, we know that fun accessories and gear make people much better at sports and certainly makes the experience more enjoyable!

Moving on to the men!

Gifts for men

I find it so challenging to find gifts for adult dudes sometimes, especially my dude who is so practical. So the ideas below are either things I know are sure-fire hits, or suggestions from most discerning guys I know… and their wives.  If you have suggestions for this category, let me know!

Stuff you can get from Always Pretty Busy:

Etched rocks glasses are literally always a hit.  I don’t have them posted anywhere currently, but just message me and we can work out your order.

Other Stuff:

Pour More – this is the coolest concept ever* and an EXCELLENT gift for anyone who is a “passionate spirit drinker” and likes to geek out over booze.  The company was made to help people branch out from their go-to’s and give loved ones a killer gift.  I’ve given subscriptions to Pour More several times and people absolutely lose their minds.  For example, I have a lot of bourbon loving people in my life, and this Bourbon 3-Pack is a WINNER.   My super cool brother in law is a co-founder, and says you can have 5% off your purchase with code PrettyBoozy.

I think these Nike Low Dunks are SO cool.  This color drops on 02/07 at 10AM.  Don’t sleep on that.

Indoor/Outdoor Swing Training Aid for Golfers – IDK anything about golf, but I hear this is a good model for working on your… drive?  Chip?  Sashay?  I don’t know. It makes you do your golf better, apparently.

Exotic Jerky Bouquet?  Say no more.  I’m interested.

I love this Saint Laurent credit card wallet and while “Costanza Wallet” is probably more a personality type than a money toting preference – if ANYTHING is going to shift that DNA…it’s gotta be YSL, right?

Finally, if you can’t resist a mushy gift, this interactive “reasons why I love you” book has 30 prompts to help you wax poetic about your partner.

And finally for the little dudes.  My 8 year old has made it perfectly clear he is VERY disinterested in any of the lovey dovey stuff, but I happen to know he is VERY interested in video games, basketball, toys and candy.  My almost 3 year old?  Just into gifts in general.

I think any of the below would be a hit.

Gifts for boys

From Always Pretty Busy:

Custom resin coasters strike again!  These are in my son’s room and say “everything is” and “awesome” and have Legos embedded in them.

Custom resin coasters legos

Other fun stuff:

“Harvey the Heart Had Too Many Farts” book – perfect for people who want none of the romance and all of the bathroom humor.  AKA 8 year old boys.

Old school Gameboy – in red!

Old school Polaroid camera – in red!

Ruby Bond!  This one is “Peachy,” also on presale.  I’ve got these on order “for the kids”

Red basketball – because festive!

Cute little red car toy – my almost 3 year old loves this thing.

This Jellycat heart is so cute and would make an adorable V-Day gift.

Okay friends, that’s all I have for today.  Let me know what cute things you are finding out there!

xo, LC

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