Fun Cookie Recipe with Kids: Sparkle Cookies for New Year’s Eve

Fun cookie recipe for sparkle cookies

New Year’s Eve with Kids… now there are 5 words I bet 25-year-old me never thought she would string together! Sometimes I really wish I could go back in time and tell that boozy party promoter (Spiraleve, anyone? LKFest?) that while yes, I’m still very much into sequins, I’m also very interested in how to add some sparkle to carbs and how to incorporate art supplies into everyday life. I bet she would laugh so hard the vodka would come right out of her nose.

Anyway, here we are. It’s December 29th and you’ve either blown all your cash on a babysitter and a prix fixe dinner OR… you’re having a night in with your fam, potentially other fams, and have CASH TO BURN, baby! (jk you have kids. you have no cash to burn. You need to be saving for college or whatever. I digress.)

I have three ideas of fun stuff to do with these nuggets in the long-ass days leading up to NYE that are fun and will also make your New Year’s celebration extra special. First up:


Fun cookie recipes with kids

(Idea #2: Watercolor resist painting project – an easy crayon watercolor project to occupy everyone for a loooong time)

I am pretty sure that this site could also be accurately named “LC’s Addiction to ‘Sally’s Baking Addiction’” I’m obsessed with Sally, her website, and all her cookbooks, which I totally own and use all the time. Her recipes are elevated but still approachable, and they’re creative and fun. Shoutout to my bestie Jaimi for turning me onto her originally.

Her fun cookie recipe for Sparkle Cookies is a fan favorite around here – and I think they’re perfect for a new year’s spread – you can do them in metallics for a sophisticated cookie (LOL) or pops of color to resemble fireworks, either way they are freaking delicious.)

We made this recipe out of Sally’s Cookie Addiction Cookbook, which I 100% think you should buy, but the recipe can also be found on her blog under “Christmas Sparkle Cookies.”

They have a little cream cheese in the dough which makes them SUPER creamy (and I would never use that word to describe anything unless I had to) which Sally calls her secret ingredient, but I think the real stars here are the sanding sugar and almond extract. And they’re tiny – so perfect for a dessert grazing board or to keep in your freezer for casual entertaining.

Fun cookie recipes with sanding sugar
Look at that deliciousness. Sugar crunch on the outside, soft on the inside, great flavor – win.

JUST IN CASE you think either of those ingredients are found in a fancy baking store – you’d be right. But they can also be found in your good ‘ole neighborhood grocery store or this little online boutique I know called Almond extract is just with the spices and stuff and sanding sugar is just extra fine sprinkles – found in the baking isle with the sprinkles! (AKA my fave isle) Quick note: I measure vanilla extract with my heart (read: I just slosh it in) I measure almond extract carefully and precisely because there’s a fine line between a delightful hint of almond flavor and feeling like you’re eating a public restroom air freshener.

This fun cookie recipe is crazy easy to make – my kids love to do these because once you make the dough, you roll ’em into circles and dunk them in the sanding sugar and that’s just fun.

I love to gift cookies, but I’ve never been able to gift these because usually they disappear as fast as I can make them… but right now, I have approx 4 dozen of these in my freezer right now in prep for a new year’s day party and I really think they’ll make a splash!

Let me know if you make this fun cookie recipe! Tag me and/or #alwaysprettybusy in your pics! I love to see them.



Here are kitchen things that will make this recipe easier:

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Little ramekins for your sprinkles

Silpat baking mats (a MUST FOR COOKIES)

Cookie spatula

Wire racks for cooling cookies

Tray with lid for cute cookie display (ok not totally necessary but totally adorable)


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