Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I hope everybody is warm, safe, and surrounded by people they love.

I’ve always felt the feels during the holiday season – but the last couple of years haven’t felt the same. Credit goes to the pandemic, of course, but also loss of loved ones, health stuff, and just general malaise (I think the word we were supposed to use was “languishing”?). Not exactly bummed, but definitely not exactly holly jolly.

I’m happy to report that this year, albeit a little late in the season, all the glorious, cheesy holiday feels found me again and I’m straight up on my cookie-baking, holiday decorating (maybe a little cheeky this year thanks to my girl Lori at Festive Flirts), cheesy movie watching (attn: do not sleep on Spirited on Apple), glitter and sparkle BS. I mean, I was even extended an invitation to go caroling. CAROLING,Y’ALL. It was everything I had dreamed it would be and more.

I’m Jewish so we’re more blues and silvers than greens and reds, and actual Christmas Day looks a little different for us – but I believe that we are all responsible for our own energy – and because of that we all have an opportunity to contribute to the general holiday magic in the air!

I absolutely ADORE making holiday gifts and I REALLY wish I had dreamed these up sooner, because I wasn’t able to fully add them to my site, but I will be prepared for next year! I also wanted to share how I made them in case you want to try too!

A couple of years ago, the kids and I used alcohol ink to make watercolor pumpkins for “pastel Halloween” (don’t ask. It’s a long story.) and I felt like a similar technique would work on ornaments and it totally did!

Here’s the stuff you need on hand:


      1. GLASS ornaments. I like them on the larger side, but I bet tiny ones would be cute too!
      2. Set of alcohol ink. This one is nice but this more basic set would also do great. As long as you have a handful of colors you like, a white, and a metallic – you’re good to go.
      3. Gloves – get super sturdy gloves. I used some cheap ones last week and my forefinger is still stained bright fuchsia.
      4. Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (optional)
      5. Gold leaf paper (optional)
      6. Glitter spray paint or actual glitter (optional)
      7. Coating spray (I used this triple thick Krylon spray. I tested many methods, including dishwasher safe Mod Podge, but the spray was by far the easiest and most effective.
      8. Self adhesive resin crystal tape (for my ornaments .4” was perfect.
      9. Skewers – I used wooden skewers to hang the ornaments to dry – I’m sure you could use any method you like – in fact, if you think of another way, let me know because having a bunch of glass ornaments hanging around like this was giving me a lot of anxiety:

    I recommend doing this in a well-ventilated area, like somewhere where you can open a door or a window, in your garage with the door open or even better, outside. Because almost everything here gives off fumes.

    What happens next is less than scientific, but I think there are 3 phases of these guys:

        1. Initial painting: Use your alcohol ink to coat the ornaments, you don’t have to be precious about this, but the gloves are key. I started by choosing a base color and kind of rubbing it all over the surface. Then, choose different colors to drip over the ornaments – this will be hella messy, be sure to protect your work surface. I made a little suspension bridge with a skewer and two rolls of paper towel so I could be hands free to drip. I like to use a metallic and a white alcohol ink, and if you don’t like the way it’s looking, I suggest waiting a moment to see how the colors meld together, or you can use your rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle to dissipate the colors and start again, or to make them run – play with it! Then let them dry overnight
        2. Finishing touches phase: Cover any bald spots with alcohol ink or spray glitter or actual glitter or gold leaf or whatever you want! Then, give it a light spray of the coating (too much will run your ink colors) and put on the skewers to dry again overnight
        3. Embellishing phase: I finished these off with covering the tops with the resin crystal tape. I also did some with rhinestone mesh because you know. I love that ish. Be sure to rub all around the ornament and smooth down any rough edges. I wrapped mine with a little tissue paper in these window boxes and in retrospect, wish I had added a little silver string or ornament hanger. Note to self for next year!

      I do have a couple of these left if you want to purchase from me this year.

      I can’t wait to see what else we can “watercolor” throughout the year! Let me know if you tried this!



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