Level Up Your Salami Rose!

Level Up Your Salami Rose!

Guys, I love a salami rose as much as the last girl.  A nicely presented grazing or charcuterie board makes me so happy.  I think a big enormous salami rose looks absolutely gorgeous… until someone actually wants to eat some salami.  The carnage!  Everyone is picking at that thing and not only is it a huge ass mess, it gives me very strong “pigeon with a french fry” vibes and while I’m always looking for that kind of joy in my life – I’m not about the mess it makes in my appetizers.

When I’m at a party, I very much appreciate when the host or hostess has thought about how their guests will move through the space, and what they need to enjoy the food without feeling awkward AF or carrying a shrimp tail or toothpick in their pocket.  I’m just saying – little bowls, cocktail napkins, small plates, and strategically placed wastebaskets go a long way.  In that vein – may I propose a different way to display your salami? Want to know how to make a salami rose that won’t fall apart the minute your guests start eating?

You can still have your salami gardens, but let’s try single-serving salami origami, shall we?  Salami rosettes, salami fans, and salami rivers or salami hedging, for instance.  I made a cute little TikTok tutorial on these techniques here:


What are your thoughts?  You got any good charcuterie tricks up your sleeve to share?  Pop them in the comments and let’s help each other out!

xo, LC


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