Is This My Teacher Era?

Is This My Teacher Era?

I’m just so excited. While running my store and my Etsy shop, my journey has been one of solitary crafting in my basement, diving into every art challenge, trend, and idea that sparked my interest. I’ve channeled my creativity into unique apparel, bags, jewelry, and accessories—my own takes on the amazing pieces I adore but are beyond my budget. The result? A basement overflowing with craft supplies and, quite often, a magnificent mess. But there’s more! It seems I might be entering my ‘teacher era.’ I began hosting very informal workshops, which quickly evolved beyond my wildest dreams—from team-building events to moms’ nights out, and all sorts of gatherings centered around crafting. Teaching these classes has been an absolute joy, leaving me incredibly inspired, and I am THRILLED to be able to start offering these workshops to a broader audience.

As usual, I’m struggling with how to get the word out about upcoming events (hello – I need an intern or something?). I am reliably inconsistent on my social media channels and most of all, this gorgeous website that my husband created for me.

My strategy is to focus on the classes, making them as freaking awesome as I can – and trust (and hope and pray???) that if I “build it they will come.” “They” being you. to my art classes.

I’m still doing workshops at my house. I would still LOVE and adore to put together a private event for you, or make an appointment with you at my “charm bar” to create some awesome custom pieces – but I will ALSO now be hosting some classes at our beautiful community art center – the Abernathy Arts Center! Please come. To everything. Please.

I find their website a little difficult to navigate – so I will try VERY HARD to keep my Linktree as up to date as possible and to update my Insta.

TBH my TikTok will probably remain a weird quirky hot mess. Please follow along if you like that sort of thing. I’m not sure I do. But man, I love TikTok. It’s only a matter of time before I post a video of myself trying to do the Texas Hold ’em dance.

ANYWAY! Please come to a class – here’s what I have coming up!

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