Dirty 3rd-y Construction Themed 3rd Birthday Party

construction birthday party

Graham and his buddy Ty had a truly epic “Dirty 3rd-y birthday party” construction-themed party.

Construction Party Shirt

construction birthday shirt
Custom embroidered shirts for the birthday boys, of course!


This might have been the easiest birthday party I’ve ever thrown and definitely one of the cuter ones.

Construction Birthday Cake

construction birthday cake

The Construction Birthday Party

Amazon sells a huge box of construction-themed party supplies with legit everything you could ever need- from tablecloths to costumes to traffic cone cups with bendy straws, it’s awesome.  You could just open the box and be done – but with just a few tweaks it can look really special and totally custom.

I created a fake construction company logo and used printable heat transfer vinyl to press it onto the construction vests (and t-shirts for the parents!) and regular heat transfer vinyl to press each kid’s name onto their vest.  This… was a hit.

construction-themed party construction birthday party


The “hard hats” were little flimsy things that are tough to keep on ya head.  But seeing 17 of them running around made me so happy.  I printed a sticker that reads “Ty and Graham’s Dirty 3rd-y” and slapped them on the tops – kids were into it.

As for cake… there are times in this life when a lovingly scratch-made and decorated cake add so much to the celebrations.  I am here to tell you that a party for 3-year-olds at a place called “Bucks Sports Barn” is not one of those times.   We still ended up with a totally special and theme-appropriate birthday treat that took less than 5 minutes to put together.  Fancying up a good ole Publix cupcake is my favorite.  So many possibilities!

I ordered the cupcakes on Publix’s website for pick up at my local store.  There is so much customization you can do just here – so I went ahead and got sprinkle cupcakes with buttercream icing in our primary party colors: bright yellow, orange and white.  I grabbed them the day before, and as I was setting up for the party, topped them with crushed Oreos and little trucks I ordered off Amazon and… safe to say the people were surprised and delighted.   And I didn’t even have to get my stand mixer out!

construction birthday cupcakes

Loved it.

Oh and lunch catered by Dominos of course. If you haven’t had a slice of piping hot Dominos at 10:30AM are you even living?

I’m really into this theme, this party and this kid.  Not so into the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.  It helps to distract yourself with embroidery designs of “funky backhoes”. Which, incidentally, is now going on my short list of potential band names.

Happy 3rd Birthday Graham!  Your Dirty 3rd-y was a blast.

xo, LC

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